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Through my work I've meet really great women doing really awesome things! I'm finding that clients are often looking for a service another client provides. I've decided to stop playing the middlewoman and now have a directory of their contact information

 Alternative and Holistic Healing Professionals

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Ruthie Benninger

Services - Past Life Regression Healing

                   Starseed Activation

Location - Mystic Sisters Grandview, OH

Contact - (614) 488-7243

Instagram - @itsruthiebenninger

My name is Ruthie Benninger and I am a Blue Ray intuitive healer with the ability to access the Akashic Records and activate other Starseeds

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Zoe Khosla

Services - Tarot Readings, Channeling                         Sessions, Long Distance                               Healing

Products - Candles, Hand-Wrapped Jewelry, and more

Location - Dayton, OH

Instagram - @thegoldenarrowco

Etsy - etsy.com/shop/thegoldenarrowco


Lekhya Yanamala

Services - Mind, Body, and Spirit Healing

                   Channeled Infertility Healing

                   Elemental Infusion Healing

Location - Tranquility Salt Cave

                    Columbus, OH

Contact - (614) 859-3419

Website - www.thedivineandchic.com

Hello everyone! My name is Lekhya. I am an intuitive healer and empath with the ability to channel and heal issues within the mind, body, and spirit

Owner of The Golden Arrow 

Owner of The Divine and Chic