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As my practice grows there are more and more updates to share. Check here to stay in the loop regarding the latest health and wellness advancements, as well as upcoming events.

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Cloud City

September 7, 2019

What if a city was built by artists?

Join me at Cloud City from 2pm - midnight for short treatment sessions. I'll also be discussing Access Consciousness Bars in the Meditation Den from 4:30-5:30.

Click here for more information.


Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth

September 19, 2019

Mothers and Mommas-to-be, join us for this fun event and learn from naturally-minded vendors including core and pelvic floor exercise during pregnancy & early postpartum, breastfeeding, labor support, choices in your care and delivery, how to set yourself for a supported postpartum, placenta and belly mapping, holistic chiropractic care, doulas, empowered birthing, essential oils, fertility, health freedom, home birth, hormone support, living a chemical-free lifestyle, midwifery, natural remedies, nutrition, prenatal, pregnancy massage, yoga, other holistic practices and more! 

Information on time and location can be found here.

Happy Woman Waking Up


One of my new favorite things

I have been telling everyone for the last little while about this and I'm losing track of who I've told. I think everyone would benefit from this, so I'm putting it out there for anyone who hasn't seen me lately.

Pandiculation is the 'stretch' you do when you first wake up. It's usually paired with a yawn. This move does more than just loosen you up and make you feel good. It's a conversation between your brain and muscles about muscle tension that you don't get with traditional stretching. It can be done with your whole body, or by area. Pandiculating throughout the day can help prevent tension from building up and eventually causing chronic pain. 

Martha Peterson, with Essential Somatics, does a great job of explaining pandiculation in this video. I hope you get relief from this technique! Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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