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​Post Surgical Care

Body Contouring, Joint repair or replacement, Abdominal surgeries...

Surgeries of any kind, while helpful, create injury to the body. The healing response creates inflammation and scar tissue that can affect the normal movement of the body. My work helps decrease inflammation, promote even development of scar tissue, and shorten the recovery time in the process. In the beginning the focus is mostly on reducing inflammation. As the tissue rebuilds the focus switches to making sure the body is healing in a way that allows proper motion and appearance of the area. 

I've recently had an increase in women looking for post surgical care after liposuction, BBL, tummy tucks, and other body contouring procedures. Lymphatic massage after these surgeries is very important to the recovery process. As part of your care you'll learn techniques you can do yourself between appointments to optimize your healing. 

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