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Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation assesses the structural, and therefore functional, relationship between viscera (organs) and the structures around them. The therapy is based on the idea that each part of the body should move in relation to, but independently from, the structures around it. Each organ is held in place by fascia, ligaments, membranes, and neighboring organs. Injury, illness, surgery, and posture can create adhesions and abnormal tension in these connective tissues. The result of abnormal tension or adhesions radiates out to the organs and musculoskeletal components it connects. Visceral Manipulation releases the built up tension and adhesions to restore normal movement and function of the organs. As a pattern of stress ages it has a cascading effect as the body finds new ways to move or compensate. Visceral Manipulation is great for helping issues with the functioning of your organs, but your shoulder or hip issues could also be caused by tensions within the abdominal cavity due to compensation patterns along the connective tissues. 

This therapy is done clothed as you may need to sit for certain releases. Loose comfortable clothing is suggested, especially around the abdomen.

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